My love of crystals was discovered at a young age, a chance find in a shop in the New Forest, whilst on a camping holiday. A beautiful Amethyst bed, I remember seeing it sparkle as the light shone through the shop window and I knew it was calling me in - that night I took it back to the campsite and lay watching the stars all the while thinking about what other crystals I could discover.

At this point in my life I didn't know what it was that drew me to the crystal, but I knew I was going to find out more.


Several years passed and I began to collect many crystals, but it wasn't until 2012 after a move to Cornwall that I decided it was time to find out what I was drawn to.

I enrolled in a Crystal Awareness 20 week course with Nicki Parkin-Jones, on which I learnt to attune to crystals, learnt the chakras and the basics of what crystals related to which one. I also learnt simple healing techniques and grid work.


After completing the awareness course I decided to enrol on Reiki level one, to complement what I had learnt, for which I gained my Cho Ku Rei symbol.

Whilst working in Hotel in Newquay I arranged for the Cornwall New Age Event (Formerly Kernowcopia) to take place at the hotel - it was a chance meeting Sue Weaver, who runs the Cornwall School of Crystal Healing that was to lead me to my current path.


It wasn't however until 2014, I moved to Exeter after meeting my (Now) husband Adam, this gave me the ideal time in my life to move forward with what I wanted to achieve with Crystals.


An email out of the blue from Sue, stating she was running a basic certificate in Crystal Healing, I knew at this point it was finally my time to learn what I needed to and move forward with my healing work.


Whilst studying with Sue, over several weekends, both on the basic course and a Licentiate course - I learnt, to attune crystals and how to use them in healing practice.

Dan Rox was born on Facebook in 2015, after completing my training with Sue - I decided to create a page where people could come together to discuss crystals and there healing properties. This lead me to several people asking for treatments and achieving some amazingly positive feedback - so now is the time for me to start sharing my experience and my joy and knowledge of crystals.


Dan Rox is now our business, along with the help of my husband (he's responsible for anything involving computers, website, designing), we sell at holistic and wellbeing shows across the Southwest of the UK (sometimes further afield). On our website you will find information on up and coming events, workshops and our own online crystal shop (to be launched soon)


Daniel Neale






Dan Rox - Crystal & Stones, Crystal Healing


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